Off to a Great Start!

The very early reactions to It’s Alright, the first song from my first album, have been overwhelmingly positive!  “Whew!” It’s Alright is now also on YouTube .  Thanks to everyone that has shown support.  I really appreciate you!

I want to start talking about my journey by first thanking my producer Eric Wortham II. He is an incredible producer that is also currently Adele’s pianist. Here he is playing my favorite Adele song and here is great video about him. I’ll talk a lot about him and the musicians that played on the record more in upcoming articles. 


This is no victory lap. I published one song one week ago... But being in the studio with Eric and the other musicians was a dream come true in and of itself.  Prior to meeting Eric in the studio, almost all of my “music time” was spent writing music, learning how to sing (which was the hardest thing I have ever done), and re-learning how to play guitar in my basement between 11 pm and 2 am. Often “music time” literally only lasted 10 minutes because that’s all I had in the tank. Being tired is one thing, but what fatigued me most was the constant thought that I might be doing all this and the songs might not be any good. In fact, I wasn’t clear about what “good” meant.  Is “good” selling lots of records, having lots of streams, or simply that the songs came out the way I envisioned?  By some estimates, 100,000 songs are published on the internet every day.  And there are so many incredibly talented singer-songwriters out there!

I figured out that one effective way to deal with the uncertainty was to keep one counter-thought in mind. “Maybe those incredibly talented singer-songwriters I hear all the time had the same doubts as me when they started out, so push forward.” 

My best advice to everyone that is thinking about getting started on their dream is, “Don’t let you, stop you.” 

I don’t really have the words to express how it feels to have someone that has worked with Grammy winning artists like Adele, Jill Scott, and Seal believe in me. Thanks Eric!