Sometimes Magic Happens

It’s Alright is continuing to gain momentum!  I am learning that launching as an independent artist is almost identical to being a start-up. Like any start-up, when you build something, you need to work with great people. Sometimes when you work with the right people, you can capture some “magic.” Nathan Pence was a key musician on the album. He played bass on every song, including that beautiful booming upright bass featured in It’s Alright. The first time I walked into a music studio, there were two people present… Producer, Eric Wortham II, and Nate Pence. The fact that Eric brought Nate to our first meeting spoke volumes about how solid a musician Nate must be. As it turns out, Nate has been a constant on everything related to the album since that first introduction. He is a dependable, super-talented bass player and general musician. But Nate showed me that he was more than that…  

One evening I was talking with him about the album, band life, the music business, and gigging. Then I also started talking to Nate about Nate. And that’s when it hit me... Nate’s a great guy who happens to be a great musician. At some point, I said, “Nate, are bandmates friends, work colleagues, or some other thing?” He paused and said, “I guess it depends on the band.” I thought to myself, “I’m not in a band... so I guess that’s not really what I want to know.” So, I asked Nate, “Are we friends?”, he said something like, “I think so...” 

See? Magic happened. I don’t know about you, but the older I get, the fewer new friends I make. I may have even made a few new friends on this new journey. 

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